Timothy Lassiter is up and running!!

So, I’ve finally got a basic website up and running, and I feel as though I just ran a marathon.  I have been playing with website ideas and basic sites for over two years, and I haven’t found anything that I was really happy about until today.  I think my real happiness stems from finding out that all I ever really needed was a domain name.

This all started from wanting to promote my books, which REALLY need some promoting.  I found out that Apple promotes website design, and I really got into making a basic website, but soon found that I didn’t like the web domain being attached to mac.com.  It made it basically impossible to search for me.  I looked up getting websites designed for me, but I really couldn’t afford that, I mean, I’m creating a website to get noticed in the first place!

It wasn’t until last night, when I was watching The Rachel Zoe Project (hey, don’t judge me), I saw a commercial advertising a site that helps to create some pretty professional looking websites.  Well, needless to say I spent the entire day creating a website, and I love it.  Well, I’m happy with its present form and Alison Marie (soon to be Mrs. Lassiter) says that she will spice it up a little more.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  I’ve finally joined the 21st century and I feel as though I am up to date with everyone else (most of whom have been up to date longer).  Let me know how you have done joining the digital age!

P.S.-I’ll have more information on the 3rd book tomorrow….(teaser alert)!


About timothylassiter
I am a mystery/detective novel writer who has published two novels and I'm currently working on the third novel.

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