down to business…

Alright folks,

Today marks the day where I get everything back on track and really buckle down to finish this book.  I know what I want to say, I know how the story goes, I’ve just got to get it down on paper.

Between buying a new house, moving out of my old apartment, setting up my daughter in a new school, full time work, school for two different majors, writing my third novel, marketing my first two novels, being engaged, planning a wedding, driving 45 minutes to and from work, things have been just a little busy.  It seems as though the one thing that has been pushed off to the side is the one thing that I can count on to center me and bring me back to reality; writing.

So now I’m back, the wedding is over, school is school, work is work, but I’ve got a better routine and I’m ready to hit the ground running.  So why am I telling you this and not writing chapter 38, you ask?  Simple; it’s because I’m distracted.  I have too much time on my hands.  Things are finally settled, the house is clean, the kid is doing her homework, the wife is talking to her best friends about how great the honeymoon was, and I’ve got all this time to write.

I’ve set a goal for myself; one chapter a night until the end of the year.  That’s literally 52 chapters, which probably isn’t enough to finish the book.  However, if I know me at all (and I’ve been my own BFF for 32 years), then I know that once I get going there won’t be any stopping me.  I’ve just got to get going.

So that’s it, thanks for stopping by.  I’ve got to be going because I have a chapter to write, 52 to be exact, and if I’m going to finish this book, then I better get down to business.

Good night!


About timothylassiter
I am a mystery/detective novel writer who has published two novels and I'm currently working on the third novel.

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