Creating an eBook

Over the last few weeks I’ve been learning more about what it takes to make an eBook, or a digital version of my books for sale on Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook, Sony reader, or Apple iBook.  At first, I was certain that it would take nothing more than scanning a PDF version of my book and submitting it to the organization specific to the type of reader.  As I learned, I couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are many ways to go about submitting your work to be published in a digital format, but preparing and formatting the work so that it can be transferred into the digital format used is quite another story.  The formatting systems for creating an eBook all use HTML, a version of code that I am deathly afraid of.  I’m a visual person, and I need to see things in a visual fashion, the way they are going to be for me to be certain that I have everything right where I want it.  Writing is no different, and the thought of putting my books into a version that could be accepted by HTML felt close to impossible for me.  Thankfully, I was able to find website support and information on how to make my books passable to translate into an HTML format.  Now comes the tricky part.  I’ve got to reformat all the work I did in writing the books so that they will be accepted by the formatting software.  The work will definitely be worth it in the end; more and more people are reverting to eBooks for their cost effectiveness and the ever expanding market of software that provides books in digital format.  However, the process of changing everything over is going to be long and tedious.  I’ve spent 30 minutes working on Three Degrees of Separation and I’ve only gotten 19 pages completely reformatted.  19 pages out of 306.  It’s going to be a LONG process.

I’ll keep my head up and keep everyone posted!


About timothylassiter
I am a mystery/detective novel writer who has published two novels and I'm currently working on the third novel.

One Response to Creating an eBook

  1. josh1340 says:

    Good luck on the ebook concept. I am intrigued by this new form of media. I do not own an ebook, as of now, but I do like the reader feature on the ipad. The nook and kindle are kind of cool too. Again, good luck.

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