Update on the site and Current Projects

Hey Everyone, right now I am finishing my second screenplay, Gravitational Strain, which will be completed by the end of October.  Over the rest of 2010, I will be editing and submitting Gravitational Strain to production companies, as well as developing several more screenplay ideas and finish laying the ground work for my third novel, Learned Behavior.

I am very excited about getting back into the swing of writing my first and favorite character, Detective Nicholas Grenier, who returns in Learned Behavior.  As I am already one quarter of the way through writing the novel, I am anxious to get back to Nick’s story as he solves new cases in his unique style.  I will be bringing you all an updated synopsis of Learned Behavior before the end of the year.  Keep checking back here and stay up-to-date with my blog for more information.

Again, thank you all for your continued support and interest in my work.  Please feel free to contact me here with your feedback, comments, and suggestions.  I will read all comments personally, as well as respond as quickly as possible.  I look forward to talking with you again soon.



About timothylassiter
I am a mystery/detective novel writer who has published two novels and I'm currently working on the third novel.

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